GNOM-baby: your personal underwater eye


GNOM the first personal ROV all over the world. It has 3—5 times less power consumption than other small size ROVs, built-in battery and videomonitor/recorder, all is packed in two cases, weight of complete system is 15—25 kg only. Very thin cable (2—3 mm diam) allows real working in a depth till 150m.

You can take it with you as a hand lagagge, and you need nothing more to start work — all is ready to use!
We are 6 years on a market and have a big experiance of underwater works with GNOMs, which we use in order to make many improvements. More than 230 units sold to many customers in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, India and other countries.

GNOM has User's manual contains many technical details and recommendations for users. We  support our users with information and service.
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The ROV GNOM-baby used in:

Инспеция судов
Ship & Propeller Inspection
Рыбное хозяйство
Fish industry

The ROV GNOM Baby is a really micro sized vehicle that has all main features inherited from larger underwater systems. The vehicle combines low coast with the full set of GNOM capabilities.

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GNOM-Baby can be equiped with some extra items.

Video vision glasses

Personal glasses are very useful during the field work.

LCD monitor 7-9"

Monitor is installed inside the shipping case.

Polypropylene frame with positively buoyant module

The frame protects the underwater vehicle against damage, reduces probability of a hook, raises stability of the vehicle during the motion, and used as a base for installation of the additional equipment.

Wireless joystick

Logitech Cordless Action Controller Joystick increases steering ease of the vehicle. Movable lift point Movable lift point aloud to reel on/reel off the cable on a cable frame during the vehicle operation.

Aluminium cable frame with movable lift point

This is a special proprietary designed cable frame. Cable up to 200 m, diameter 3 mm.

High-performance waterproof case (packed system)

Two cases are necessary for installation of the complete set of the equipment.

GNOM-Baby tech support

GNOM-Baby technical information, data sheets, cpecifications, drawings.

The manual for each product can be various. It depends on year of release and an equipment complete set. The actual manual is delivered together with the equipment.

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